For some years a revolution has been steadfastly going on in the field of training for Industry, Commerce and Public Services, where a career in COMPUTER is the most sought after choice. The need is apparent as COMPUTER education can be applied to all levels of activity in private and public sectors. The employment market is deemed to be lucrative, glamorous as well as surging with the demand for qualified professionals, the supply of new recruits with proper training are comparatively short. BIET has established COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAMME to satisfy a demand which is now the growing importance in business and public life.

Experience has shown that BIET-an academic platform with a background of educational attainment to serve as a STARTING & TURNING POINT for projected training programme of hi-tech solutions for a quick process of modernization of the country through COMPUTERS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

The excellent track record of BIET has been approved by the National Institute of Electronics & information Technology (NIELIT), Govt. of India by which it’s Eastern Region Head Quarters is accredited to Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Govt. of India.

BIET is an Authorized Testing Centre of Microsoft.